The dark days of an English winter are the very best of times to read this summery story on your Kindle as you speed along the Jubilee Line to your office in London's Canary Wharf, or find yourself with an hour of me-time in your favourite Caffe Nero, or curl up in  bed after a relaxing shower.  


For there be summer here - a summer of the heart to warm you, a summer of the mind to inspire you, perhaps in ways that may surprise. For ONE SWIFT SUMMER is a story of the soul for the soul - a nourishment packed with life-enhancing vitality.


Set in Kew Gardens - as much a place of mind as a very real and lovely green palace of Nature - this intrinsicate novella is a tale of redemption and idealise love. Emma Saywell, a jaded young photo-journalist who has seen one too many wars, catches a man smiling in the cross-hairs of 'Broken' her battered old camera as she tries to get her life back together. Click. 



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R J Askew was a journalist and editor. He escaped the news factory to focus on words of a more creative nature. He lives in St. Albans and was born in Lancaster.


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